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Cora Emmanuel, Caribbean Sensation

Cora Emmanuel
Cora Emmanuel.

Cora Emmanuel (born October 1, 1992) is a French model who hails from the island of Martinique in the West Indies.

Cora Emmanuel

Cora's mother convinced her to enter the Guyane-Antilles Elite Model Look contest in 2008, which Selina Khan won.

Cora Emmanuel

She did not place very highly, but she had "the look."

Rumor is that Croa was spotted by the same agent who discovered Sigrid Agren and Selina Khan. That is the rumor, anyway.

Cora Emmanuel

Cora had this to say in Interview Magazine about her decision to become a model:
When I realized that I wasn't ugly, because I really thought I was. Because the beauty cliché in the Caribbean is short, really curvy girls. I was really tall and skinny, and I wouldn't have boyfriends or anything, and everybody would make fun of me. It was a mess. I was always trying to make myself look shorter. So my mother dragged me to this casting that was for Elite. She was like, "Look, there's other girls like you. And they're doing a beauty casting. You should be proud." And I was like, okay, okay, maybe she's right. Then once I got picked, everybody was like, "Oh my god, you're so beautiful. Oh my god, blah, blah, blah."

Cora Emmanuel

In any event, the Model Look competition led Cora to sign with New York Models in 2010.

Cora moved to New York that spring and had her debut at the spring Christian Cota show in New York during that year's NYC Fashion Week.

Cora Emmanuel

She moved over to Ford Models the following year, during which she also walked in the spring 2010 Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors shows.

Cora Emmanuel

Cora's covers include:
  • June Vogue Mexico, Elle Sweden, Vogue Mexico 
  • March Grazia France
  • September Narcisse
  • June H&M Magazine
  • April Elle France, M Le Monde, M Le Monde

Cora Emmanuel Sigrid Agren
Cora with friend Sigrid Agren, who also is from Martinique.

Cora has an active Instagram account and has been on twitter since June 2011, where she updates her fans almost every day.

Cora Emmanuel

Cora Emanuel enjoys photography and acting.

Cora obviously is a very lovely girl and has a long career ahead of her.

Cora Emmanuel
Cora Emmanuel and Hana Jirickova featured in the Tommy Hilfiger advertisement for Spring/Summer 2014
Cora Emmanuel


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