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Lindsay Ellingson, Angel among Angels

Lindsay Marie Ellingson (born November 19, 1984) is an American fashion model who is a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Lindsey is not just part of the Victoria's Secret family, she is one of the true leaders.

Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay is from Moreno Valley, California. She graduated from Canyon Springs High School, where she helped to win three trophies at the US National Championships for her high school dance team.

One day, a talent scout spotted her in the street (isn't that how it always happens?) and gave her his card.

She went and got a test shoot, and the rest is history.

She quickly left her biology studies at the UC San Diego and headed to Paris by her model agency.

Renowned photographer John Galliano took a liking to her, and soon everyone knew Lindsay Ellingson.

Lindsay Ellingson

Linday is more than just Victoria's Secret. As a top fashion model, she has the usual roster of high-profile covers to her name (this is just a sampling):
  • Brazil: 'Elle' - April 2014
  • China: 'GQ' - May 2011
  • Italy: 'D Magazine' - January 2006; 'Elle' - July 2007; 'Elle' - December 2013
  • Japan: 'Marie Claire' - February 2005
  • Korea: 'Sure' - November 2012
  • Mexico: 'Vogue' - February 2010
  • Portugal: 'Vogue' - February 2009
  • Romania: 'GQ' - July 2011
Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay was one of the models included in Jacques Olivar's 2012 'Forever Young' photobook.

It is a gorgeous coffee table book that showed Lindsay and the other models to their best advantage. It is well worth tracking down if you like artful shots of terrific women.

Lindsay Ellingson

She has been walking for Victoria's Secret for eight straight years at this point, from 2007-2014 inclusive, which is an eternity for a Victoria's Secret model - and she was an Angel for several years, which is pretty much the top rung in the hierarchy. She shows no sign of stopping any time soon, though word is that she was replaced as one of the eight contractual Angels in December 2014. She had a terrific run, and nothing lasts forever. Almost any girl would kill to be an official Victoria's Secret Angel! And Lindsay had that chance. She's a talented, lucky girl.

The company liked her so much that it chose Ellingson along with Emanuela de Paula to become a spokeswoman for "Body by Victoria" by Victoria's Secret alongside Alessandra Ambrosio and Marisa Miller.

Lindsay was also featured extensively in the 2010 Victoria's Secret "SWIM" catalogue and also the 2011/2012 Victoria's Secret catalogues.

Lindsay launched her own 'Wander Beauty' makeup line in April 2015.

Things just keep improving for Lindsay at Victoria's Secret.

She was one of the featured models during the 2009 fashion show.

In 2011, she achieved the rare honor of becoming a signature Angel, as well as the face of the perfume line VS Attractions and its new bra, Gorgeous.

Lindsay married her school sweetheart, Sean Clayton, in November 2013 and remains at the top of the modelling heap.

Lindsay Ellingson
Lindsay Ellingson
Lindsay Ellingson


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