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Cara Delevingne's Hilarious Good Morning Sacramento Interview

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne is the hottest model of 2015, and now has turned her eyebrows to acting.

Cara Delevingne, as most everyone who follows the modelling scene knows, is the hottest young model of the moment. She won the Model of the Year award at the 2014 British Fashion Awards, for instance, and she dominates the London tabloids. She also posts eccentric videos on youtube where she does things like show everyone what she carries around in her purse (nothing salacious!), and she loves to show how excited she is when she's on the cover of the London papers (which is, like, every other day).

The eyebrows say it all.

So, hon, did you bother reading the book before you played the role?

So, if you follow Cara, by now you probably know that she has an eccentric way about her. Usually, it is charming and adds to her appeal. She certainly does not think that she is "all that" even if she actually out of all of us is "all that." Most folks "get it." She "dishes it out" in good humor, knowing that everyone is "in on the joke."

However, sometimes it all goes awry, and then, well, things can get catty. Here is the gist of the heart of the interview, the beating heart that the Californians reached out and grabbed from the breast of dewy eyed Cara (not Carly!).

“Do you even have time to sit and read?” the host asked. “These days you’re so busy.”
“No, I never read the book or the script,” she responded. “I just winged it.”
In Sean Connery terms, that is pulling out a gun when you've been attacked with a knife. Yes, dear denizens of Sacramento, Cara is quite fluent in Sarcasm, with which she rapiered your condescension to the quick. To the quick I say!

But it gets better.

Cara Delevingne
The tormenting of Cara has begun.

The host snidely (I think that's his name, in fact) then noted gratuitously that Cara seemed more excited in other interviews that she’d done weeks prior.
“Are you just exhausted?” the host asked.
Well, to Cara's credit, she didn't take the bait... that time. She brushed it off by saying that maybe she didn't have enough energy that early in the a.m. She also could have whipped out the "Hey, I'm European and my time zone is different." However, she played it cool, until the other host called her irritable, adding helpfully (sure) the following false martyr act, which left an opening for Cara to up the volume to 11:
 “Maybe it’s just us.”
Now, there are several different theories about why the Titanic went down. Some say it was going too darn fast at night, others say it was unique meteorological conditions which hid the iceberg which in any even was practically invisible because it had just flipped over and was what is known as a "blue berg." It's an open question that has occupied scholars lo these hundred years.

However, there is absolutely no question that this Good Morning Sacramento interview hit the skids precisely when Cara responded to the anchor's impertinence thusly:
“No, I think it’s just you,” Cara said.
So, with the gloves off and the nails stretched about as far out as they can get without taking leave of everyone's fingers, the host decided to go for broke and send the petulant 22-year-old to her room:
“You go take a nap, have a Red Bull, how about that?”
The interview ended abruptly afterwards. Anyway, so it turns out that not quite everyone is a big Cara fan. She had the misfortune to run into a bunch of Cara haters while promoting her first acting gig, "Paper Towns." The offenders were the morning crew at Good Day Sacramento, who were expecting the usual self-effacing celebrity - and didn't get it.

Cara Delevingne

While these brief snippets make it appear that Cara just went off for no reason, she had been up late the night before for the film's premiere, and the Californians gave every indication of not knowing who she was or, for that matter, caring. One, for instance, called her "Carla." If I were the top model of the world, I would hope that someone interviewing me would at least learn my first name before they "wing it" and get it wrong.

Cara Delevingne

When Cara started getting sarcastic in response to the usual nothing questions, the interview started going downhill like the Grinch on his sleigh full of stolen toys.

Cara Delevingne

Cara does make an effort at one point to set things right and put things back on track, but then the interviewers go one question too far and, well, back comes insouciant Cara.

Cara Delevingne

Naturally, smelling a carcass lying in the desert, the Californians then begin circling like buzzards and lace into Cara. For her part, she undoubtedly is by this point hoping that nobody is watching. It is only Sacramento, after all.

Cara Delevingne

After the anchors dismiss Cara, they immediately begin gossiping like Chatty Cathy's who heard someone fart in the hallway.

Cara Delevingne

Naturally, they don't think that they did anything wrong, such as treating a world-famous celebrity in a condescending fashion and not even bothering to learn her name. Instead, they take advantage of the fact that they have cleared the field and are the old bulls (not red bulls) who have dispatched the young interloper to the verdant fields of Eton until she can grow a pair of antlers as big as theirs.Which she in fact has, and she'll no doubt show them up close and personal if they ever cross her path with such rude condescension again.

Cara Delevingne

Then, these highly paid talking heads have the gall to flip over the money card.

Cara Delevingne

All in all, not Cara's or television broadcasting's finest moments. We're not going to judge; no reason to say that this was all Cara's fault, but a combination of forces at work, like Krytonite in the Fortress of Solitude.

Oh, hell, sure we're going to judge: Cara would have had every right to kick their rude patooties out of the studio if she had even been in the same city as them, which in fact she wasn't.

Cara had the last laugh, anyway, with this tweet that archly condemns the Californians for not having enough cultural sensitivity.

Most likely, Cara will skip the Good Morning Sacramento stop on the next publicity trail, and the day will still dawn clear and bright.

Or, considering how much publicity she got out of this deathmatch of the vanities for her first film, maybe they'll be her first stop. Hopefully, they'll have to learn how to say her name and, more to the point, how to spell it right.

Other actors and fellow celebrities aren't so keen on how Cara handled herself. One, actor Richard Madden of "Cinderella" and "Game of Thrones," had a few gratuitous catty remarks in Style Magazine:
"It was unprofessional. It made her seem ungrateful. She showed her age. For Cinderella, I did six weeks of those interviews, where you get asked the same eight questions.... If you're not capable of doing it gracefully, then don't do it."
Well, Cara is not one to avoid a catty little dig, so she quickly responded:

Cara Delevingne

Madden pretty obviously was just angling for some publicity off of the more-famous Cara - you know how these things go - and responded the same day:

Cara Delevingne Richard Madden

He got what he wanted - a little juice off her fame - and wants to call it off. No reason to create an enemy after you've pocketed your profit. However, the feuds are on.

Cara, from now on, just humor the stupid chat-show hosts and don't blow things up. It's not worth it in the long run, honey, no matter how stupid they are. When you are the famous one, it is solely to their benefit to create a commotion with them no matter how much they merit it.

Below, for historical purposes, the entire interview.


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