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Heidi Mount, Utah Wonder

Heidi Mount
Heidi Mount.

Heidi Mount (born Heidi Whitworth on 6 April 1987) is a top American fashion model. She sometimes goes by Heidi Whitworth, and sometimes as Heidi Whitworth-Mount.

Heidi Mount
Heidi Mount in a beauty supplement "A Natural Love Affair" for the September 2010 Vogue Nippon (Lachlan Bailey).

Heidi was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has three brothers, Jared, Mark, and Justin, and a sister, Bailee.

Heidi Mount

While at a Britney Spears concert around 1999/2000 with her mother and sister when she was spotted by a talent agent. She signed with Ford Models in 2003.

Heidi Mount
Heidi Mount modeling Max Mara, Chloe, and Stella McCartney (Max Abadian). 

After first walking the runway in S/S 2004 for Yohji Yamamoto, Heidi quickly began getting top assignments, including catalog work for Victoria's Secret. With success assured, Heidi moved to New York City permanently in 2005.

Heidi Mount
Harper's Bazaar Mexico April 2014 – Heidi Mount by Hans Neumann.

Karl Lagerfeld took an interest in Heidi and put her in the 2011 Pirelli Calendar (shot by Lagerfeld himself). Mount also replaced Claudia Schiffer as the face of Chanel in 2009.

Heidi Mount
Heidi's Christmas card photo, December 2016.

Heidi married hairstylist Shawn Mount in 2007. It was a troubled marriage, with Mount accused and cleared by Scotland Yard of rape allegations (against another model) in 2010. Heidi defended her man, saying:
We are still together. Nothing about these false accusations has changed our relationship.
They separated soon after, and then Shawn is alleged to have pulled a knife on Mount when their marriage grew more troubled in April 2011. The two had a son, Liam, in 2007 before divorcing in 2013. Everyone seems to get along for the sake of the family.

Heidi Mount
Heidi Mount for Australian jewelry designer Samantha Wills in 2011. This shoot showed a writing tattoo on Heidi's ribcage.

In June 2017, Heidi had a second child, Scout Alexandra McArdle, with Tim McArdle. Fellow model Jourdan Dunn had nice things to say about Heidi's mothering skills when Dunn was pregnant in 2012:
The models with children would make sure I was eating properly and gave me a private area to breastfeed, and Heidi Mount, who has a child, is great. She's going to be my advice line when I move to New York.
That's quite a reference on mothering skills. Heidi has posted a picture or two of her breastfeeding Scout.

Heidi Mount
Heidi Mount on Harper's Bazaar Latin American April 2014 (Hans Neumann).

Heidi apparently maintains a website under her maiden name, Heidi Whitworth. She also apparently has a somewhat active Twitter account. Heidi also apparently has an Instagram account with 8k followers. There are lots of "apparently" qualifications here because Heidi's sites are not verified, so it is not 100% certain they are actually associated with her (this is the Internet, after all). However, these all do appear to be Heidi's because they show personal photos, we're just trying to be ultra-careful here.

Heidi Mount
A "behind the scenes" shot from Heidi's short film "A Date With Spock" (Heidi Whitworth-Mount Instagram).

Heidi has created a humorous short film, "A Date With Spock," which she directed and wrote and has posted on her website.

Heidi Mount
Heidi Mount for Chanel.

As the film may suggest, Heidi is a big Trekkie (or "Trekker," which some consider a more "dignified" term for such fangirling).

Heidi Mount
Heidi Mount for Prada S/S 2010 "It's SPRING" (Hedi Slimane).

Heidi, like many top models, has developed a second career as a licensed New York City real estate agent. She is with Stribling. If you are going to buy a pricey apartment, why not have a top model sell it to you?


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