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Jessica Stam, Canadian Cover Girl

Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam (born April 23, 1986) is a supermodel who has achieved that level of fame where she has become a staple in the tabloids.

Jessica Stam
Jessica Stam.

While that might seem a bit of a low-rent kind of deal, many models would kill for the exposure this glamorous Canadian achieves on a regular basis.

Jessica Stam

Let's learn a little more about this sultry doll face sweetheart.

Jessica Stam

Jessica is from Kincardine, Ontario, Canada, where she grew up on a farm. She has either six or seven brothers (somewhere along the way it seems they lost count), and went to Sacred Heart High School in nearby Walkerton.

Jessica Stam

Jessica is said to have been a donut shop worker before becoming a model. She was busy minding her own business in a local Tim Hortons coffee shop just minding her own business one morning. Michèle Miller, an agent at IMG, stopped in as well on her way back from a visit to Canada's Wonderland in Toronto. Another version of the legend is that Jessica also was at the amusement park, perhaps at a Hortons shop there. It all gets confused in the re-telling. In any event, the rest, as they say, is history.

Jessica Stam

Miller encouraged Stam to enter the Los Angeles Model Look contest of 2002. Naturally, Jessica won. Jessica spent several years focusing on the Asian market, working out of Tokyo, which is quite common for new models.

Jessica Stam

Steven Meisel quickly became a fan. He captured her for two Italian Vogue covers in the famed September issue. That's quite a fan for a model to have. He guided Jessica's development until she became an international supermodel.

Jessica Stam
Jessica with Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach (R) at the cocktail reception for The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation 2nd Annual Saint-Tropez Gala.

Jessica has been on the cover of Italian Vogue six times.

Jessica Stam
Cover shot by Steven Meisel for the September 2014 issue.

She has a long, long list of covers, as you might imagine. Here are some by country:

Australia: 'Vogue' - November 2007; 'Russh' - April/May 2011; 'Harper's Bazaar' - March 2012
Canada: 'Toronto Fashion' - March 2004; 'Flare'- November 2004; 'Fashion' - February 2010; 'Dress to Kill' - Summer 2011 ; 'Flare' - September 2011; 'Flare' January 2012
China: 'Vogue'; 'Elle' - February 2010; 'Vogue' (supplement) - March 2010; 'Elle' - March 2014
France: 'Numéro' - August 2004; 'Vogue' - November 2006;
Germany: 'Elle' - August 2010
Greece: 'Vogue' - June 2012
Italy: 'Vogue' - September & November 2003; 'Vogue' - July & August 2004; 'Vogue Supplement' - September 2004; 'Vanity Style'
Japan: 'Spur' - November 2004; 'Vogue' - November 2004, 'Vogue' - May 2006; 'Vogue' - April, August & October 2007; 'Numéro' - March 2009; 'Numéro Tokyo' - October 2011
Korea: 'Vogue' - January 2006; 'W' - February 2006; 'VogueGirl' - November 2006; 'Vogue' - April 2007; 'Numero' - October 2009; 'Allure' - December 2009; 'W' - February 2011; 'Sure' - September 2011; 'Harper's Bazaar' - June 2012; 'Singles' - March 2013
Mexico: 'Vogue' - August 2007
Portugal: 'Maxima' - May 2011
Russia: 'Vogue' - December 2010
Spain: 'Harper's Bazaar' - March 2012; 'Telva' - April 2012
Turkey: 'Vogue' - March 2010; 'Harper's Bazaar' - July 2012
UK: 'Vogue' - August 2006; 'Vogue' - February 2007; 'i-D' - February 2011; 'Wonderland' - February/March 2011; 'Glass' - Spring 2014
Ukraine: 'Vogue' - November 2013
US: 'i-D' - September 2004; 'W Jewelry' - Autumn 2006; 'Vogue' - May 2007

Jessica Stam
Jessica Stam on the cover of Vogue Ukraine, November 2013 (Chad Pitman).

Here are some of Jessica's more recent covers:


  • September Harper's Bazaar Kazakhstan 


  • April Num�ro China 
  • March Vogue Turkey 


  • December Elle Germany 
  • September Vogue Italy 
  • April Net-A-Porter Magazine, Vogue Collections China 
  • March glass UK, Elle China 
  • February L'Express Styles 


  • November Vogue Ukraine 
  • March Bal Harbour, Singles 

Jessica Stam
Jessica Stam for Vogue China Collections, April 2014 (Willy Vanderperre, styled by Marie Chaix).

As of mid-2017, Jessica has a total of 25 Vogue covers, which is quite a lot. They are spread out across the world:

  • Vogue US (1)
  • Vogue Paris (1)
  • Vogue Italia (5)
  • Vogue UK (2)
  • Vogue Japan (5)
  • Vogue Turkey (2)
  • Vogue Korea (2)
  • Vogue Greece (2)
  • Vogue Mexico (1)
  • Vogue Australia (1)
  • Vogue Ukraine (1)
  • Vogue Taiwan (1)

Jessica Stam

Jessica was walking by Spring/Summer 2003. Her true breakout year, though, was a few years later. In 2006, she was in a total of 64 shows in New York, Milan and Paris.

Jessica Stam
Jessica walking the Marc Jacobs show in 2007.

At the Paris Fall 2006 show, Jessica tripped and fell whilst wearing "ridiculously high patent-leather pumps." It made her an international sensation.

Jessica Stam

Jessica also walked in the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, opening the fourth runway theme, "Pink." She was highlighted during the segment. She also walked in the 2007 and 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows.

Jessica Stam

Jessica became the face of CoverGirl in 2011.

Jessica Stam
This is the bag designed for SS 06 called The Stam. It quickly became a must-have accessory for top beauties. Scarlett Johansson, Lindsay Lohan, and Dita Von Teese all snapped it up.

Jessica has her own bag named after her. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs created The Marc Jacobs Stam in her honor.

Jessica Stam
Jessica with Jamie Hince at the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Gala at the Victorian & Albert Museum in London, March 2015.

Jessica makes the tabloids largely because of the men she dates. She recently has been seen a lot with Kate Moss' ex-boyfriend Jamie Hince of The Kills. Jessica and Kate had a history together themselves: they had walked the runway together and shot a campaign together.

Jessica Stam

According to The Mirror, Jessica and Kate walked in the Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 show at Paris Fashion Week and starred in a Robert Cavalli campaign in 2007, along with Kate's then-ex Pete Doherty. Whew, lots of ex's to account for!

Jessica Stam

Before that she dates a New York Rangers hockey player, Aaron Voros.

Jessica Stam

Jessica also was said to be seeing Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers at one point.

Jessica Stam

Stam also was linked to DJ AM.

Jessica Stam

Stam has a Chinese symbol tattooed on her foot.

Jessica Stam

Jessica is known as "Stammy" to her buds.

Jessica Stam

Jessica has modelled for Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Prada, and Bulgari and starring as the face of DKNY’s fragrance Delicious Night, among many other top names.

Jessica Stam
Jessica with Michelle Rodriguez in St Tropez.

Jessica hosts Yahoo’s fashion show, The Thread. She also does charity work with orphans.

Jessica Stam
Jessica Stam on the cover of Woman, March 2017.

Jessica has Stam has been linked with New York Rangers hockey player Aaron Voros, rocker Jamie Hince and Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis. She keeps a tight lid on her private life, though.

Jessica Stam

Jessica does some design work herself. In 2010, Stam created capsule collections for Rag & Bone and Rachel Roy.
Jessica Stam

Stam has modelled for Victoria's Secret Giles Deacon's show in Paris.

Jessica Stam

Jessica was on the inaugural cover of Vogue Turkey, launched March 2010.

Jessica Stam

Jessica represented Peacejam as its ambassador at the 2013 Social Innovations Summer at the UN Plaza.

Jessica Stam

Jessica was the face of Bulgari in 2009.

Jessica Stam
Jessica walking the Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 show at Paris Fashion Week in March 2011.

Jessica has her own website, where you can learn more about her.

Jessica Stam
Jessica Stam.

Jessica Stam announced on Instagram in June 2017 that she was pregnant with her first child. Most people will announce something like that and their friends alone will notice - when Jessica Stam announced it, the news was caught by wire services.

Jessica Stam